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UFA/UFOA Surgical Assistance Fund 9 METROTECH CENTER BROOKLYN, N.Y. 11201-3857 MD-35-1 (11/97) 109-991518-190 APPLICATION FOR BENEFIT IN SURGICAL ASSISTANCE FUND Date Retired ( ) Widow ( ) Name Social
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flying objects caught on camera by the US Navy some of them off the California coast have baffled people around the world tonight the military is finally admitting they have no idea what they are KPIX fives Maria Medina is at Lick Observatory in the Santa Clara County where one expert is weighing in on what the UFOs could actually be here at Lick Observatory astronomers have watched the sky every single night and they discovered new planets all the time question is have they ever spotted a UFO similar to the ones in the us Navy footage they are the US Navy videos that have made the rounds on the internet and have the world speculating on what the military had captured the unidentified flying objects even have the Navy pilots wondering what they were looking at now nearly a couple years after the video's release the Navy is finally admitting the existence of the UFOs calling them quote unidentified aerial phenomena this telescope discovered the first solar system beyond our own solar system but at the top of Mount Hamilton at the Lick Observatory but I've never really seen anything I couldn't explain astronomer and dr Paul einem believes whatever is in the Navy's video is not likely from outer space but rather right here from Earth to then make a leap and propose that they could be piloted by aliens or anything like that I think that's a step too far instead Lynam says it could just be another government agency's aircraft like a drone but the Navy's never seen before he says that's happened in the past and many other observatories and scientists around the world spend a lot of time looking at the night sky and no no my colleagues has told me that they've met dream Lynam says there are still so many discoveries to make through a telescope and he has seen some fascinating things but never extraterrestrial life yes I subscribe to the fact that I would need evidence and maybe in our lifetimes we will have that evidence and the Navy says the videos they released are just a fraction of what they see in this I on Mount Hamilton Maria Medina KPIX 5